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Tibetan Hypertext Translation Projects

The Asynchronous School presents translations of Tibetan Buddhist literature in HTML for the WWW community.

*NEW* A Commentary on the Eight Verses for Training the Mind (Lo Jong)
(by the Bodhisattva Lang-ri Thang-ba, together with root verses by Chekawa Yeshi Dorje)

An excellent guide to handling the emotions that arise when confronted by unreasonable people and bad situations.  Each verse is presented along with instructive commentary...  The Eight Verses

Collected Topics on Valid Cognition

Collected Topics texts provide background material necessary for the study of the Path of Reason in Ge-luk Monastic Colleges. Since the Collected Topics are read by beginning students, they often employ simple grammar and repetitive structure. Here is our introduction to the Tibetan grammar and meaning of The Collected Topics on Valid Cognition by Pur-bu-jok (1825-1901).

The Buddhist World Project

Presentation of the Selfless in the Middle Way Consequence School (Prasangika).

This is an exhaustive presentation of the categories of phenomena according to the tenets of the Middle Way Consequence School. Most of the material in this document is from Jeffrey Hopkins’ Meditation on Emptiness. (London: Wisdom Publications, 1983.) Pages 213-274.

Stages of the Path Project

Three Principal Aspects of the Path by Dzong-ka-ba.

This text is a 14 stanza letter written by Dzong-ka-ba (1357-1419) on the three principal aspects of the path to enlightenment.

We have inclued the original Tibetan text and a very short Tibetan word commentary. We are in the process of adding an analysis of the Tibetan grammar of the Tibetan and other materials for students of classical Tibetan.

Excerpt From Dzong-ka-ba's Great Exposition of the Stages of the Path

The Wheel of Life

Dan Perdue's "The Wheel of Life" article with graphics.

The Eight Auspicious Symbols

Great Exposition of Tenets by Jam-Yang-Shay-Ba

Excerpt from the twelfth chapter of Great Exposition of 'Tenets' Sun of the Land of Samantabhadra Brilliantly Illuminating All of Our Own and Others' Tenets And the Meaning of the Profound [Emptiness], Ocean of Scripture and Reasoning Fulfilling All Hopes of All Beings Tenets

Tibetan Font Project

Development project creating a font for tibetan characters. Tibetan Font

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