Bill Magee

Magee is co-author (with Dr. Betsy Napper; Jeffrey Hopkins, General Editor) of Fluent Tibetan, a complete text and cassette-tape learning system for modern spoken Tibetan.

In four volumes, complete with 18 cassette tapes. From Snow Lion Publishers, Box 6483, Ithaca, NY 14851 (607) 273-8519.

Available from Snow Lion in CDROM


The Lingshed Project

Magee hopes to pursue his researches into the 15th Century with Geshe Jangchup of Go-Mang Monastic University. This excellent Geshe raises funds for the nuns and laypeople in his place of birth, the Lingshed. area of Ladakh. If you wish to read about this worthy cause click here!

Read about my academic career in my CV.
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