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The Selfless in the Consequentialist (Prasangika) Tenet System:
A Hypertext Presentation of the Buddhist World

HTML Implementation by William Magee and Craig Preston
Revision date: 1/27/96

1. Introduction and Home Page

This collection of hypertext documents, under construction at the University of Virginia’s Department of Religious Studies, is an exhaustive presentation of the categories of phenomena. Most of the material in this document is from Jeffrey Hopkins’ Meditation on Emptiness. London: Wisdom Publications, 1983. Pages 213-274.

 Note: Sanskrit terms are posted without diacritical marks. For the Sanskrit terms with diacritical marks see Meditation on Emptiness, pages 213-274. Tibetan terms are given in Wylie transliteration.

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Organization of these Documents

These documents are organized into 2 Sections


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