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Classical Sanskrit (CS) & (CSX) Project

Ever want to display diacritics in your Web/HTML postings? (You are working on your own site, right?) Well this may help:

We are currently developing a collection of fonts following the Classical Sanskrit (CS) and Classical Sanskrit Extended (CSX) conventions, also known as IASS (International Association of Sanskrit Studies) conventions, in Windows True Type and Mac formats, for implemention of diacritics. Once we get the bugs out, you will be able to download the fonts from this site and install them on your local machines.

Here is a sample using the DBask CSX conventions.

This is the character set Classical Sanskrit and Classical Sanskrit Extended:

166 l tilde
167 m overdot
224 a macron
225 not used
226 A macron
227 i macron
228 I macron
229 u macron
230 U macron
231 r underdot
232 R underdot
233 r underdot
234 R underdot
235 l underdot
236 L underdot
237 l underdot
238 L underdot
239 n overdot
240 N overdot
241 t underdot
242 T underdot
243 d underdot
244 D underdot
245 n underdot
246 N underdot
247 s acute
248 S acute
249 s underdot
250 S underdot
251 not used
252 m underdot
253 M underdot
254 h underdot
255 H underdot

Don't bother Magee with this font nonesense. cpreston@giganticom.com