The Nechung Oracle

     The Nechung Oracle is the manifestation of Dorje Drak-den, the protector deity of the Dalai Lama.  The medium for the Nechung Oracle (the kuten, or physical basis where the spirit visits) was often consulted by the Dalai Lama for important matters of state.  For more information, the Dalai Lama's autobiography contains some interesting history of the Nechung Oracle during the Communist Chinese invasion of Tibet.  A much better description of the Nechung Oracle than we could provide is available at the Official Nechung Oracle web site.  Please check it out.
     The Nechung Oracle Program (NOP) is an entirely different phenomenon, and this is what you see on Gruntose; it is a program that seeks through a database of quotes, ascii pictures, and weirdness of all sorts.  It picks the most appropriate one for the current moment in time based on a number of factors, such as (but not necessarily including) the moon's phase, the year in the mayan and asian calendars, the position of an assortment of relevant constellations, chaotic factors, an encoding of aleister crowley's work mapped into linear time, and the current weight of Rush Limbaugh.
     Note that the NOP does not presume to offer any guarantees about the effectiveness of its counsel.

Om Mani Padme Hum
(Hail to the Lotus Jewel)