Joyful Noises


Another exciting workday. aaauh.wav
Werewolves of grunion. awooo.wav
A machine that goes... bink1.wav
Falling off a cliff... bink2.wav
The Sum of Our Choices.
Set Cicadas to Stun cicada_swarm_...mp3
Percolations imminent. coffee.wav
I don't hear anything. flatule.wav
Mistreated microphone. gluglog.wav
I think I inhaled a hairball. hack.wav
Wisdom Invoker. manjusri.wav
The gyroscope's after me. pfhwhee.wav
I'm okay; you're dead meat. sicklau0.wav
I'm all better now. sicklau1.wav
Limbaugh got a TV show? sicklau2.wav
Stop doing that to my crotch. sicklaug.wav
The pig's down the well. snorch2.wav
Look what kitty left. uhleghh.wav
Naked Queen Victoria? woouoo.wav
Mulder made me do it. zorg2.wav
There's a bee in my head. zrrw3.wav


Gun totin' pacifists. ambarday.wav
Dig. kristian.wav

Assorted Others

How can that be sanitary? bighorn.wav
Dean's Song, for UVa's O-Hill's Dean
Time's up doofus. gong.wav
Pirate Beats Ninja
The elevator isn't slowing. zubetube.wav