Psience Papers 

Table of Contents
Card Guessing Tests: Learning Paradigm or Extinction Paradigm?
Consciousness: A Psychological, Transpersonal and Parapsychological Approach
Acknowledging and Dealing With the Fear of Psi
Experimenter Bias in Hypnotist Performance
The Game of Games: Transcending Our Tribalism as a Step Toward World Peace
Information Acquisition Rates in Forced-Choice ESP Experiments
Transpersonal Potentialities of Deep Hypnosis
Marijuana Intoxication, Psi and Spiritual Experiences
The Olympia Declaration
Physiological Correlates of Psi Cognition
Psi Functioning and Altered States of Consciousness: A Perspective
Psychics' Fears of Psychic Powers
Review of "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" by Sogyal Rinpoche
Science and the Sources of Value
Space Time and Mind
States of Consciousness and State-Specific Sciences
Toward Conscious Control of Psi Through Immediate Feedback Training
Books by Charles T. Tart
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