The Celestine Prophecy

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The Celestine Synopsis

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Is One's Humble Offering of the Essential Points of the Celestine Prophecy

and How They Might Apply to Your Daily Life

By Fred T, Hamster

First Insight

Many people feel a restlnessness these days.  This feeling arises from  a growing inner understanding that the material side of life is not the whole answer to existence.  This feeling is related to coincidences or synchronicity.  The strange coincidences that pop up in our lives are not chance; they are a function of the real currents and energies that operate behind the scenes in our lives.  In the latter part of the twentieth century, enough people will become aware of these coincidences that a critical mass will be reached and as a whole, humanity will start to seek out and interpret the coincidences in their lives.

Second Insight

At the end of the second millenium, our concensus view of history will elongate so that we are able to perceive recorded history as a whole.  The world views of our ancestors are important in understanding our own current world view.  The first millenium was characterized by a belief that all actions in the world occur due to two prime movers; god and the devil.  All good events are god's responsibility and all bad ones the devil's.  The renaissance marked the end of the church's domination of human thought and people began to seek a larger demonstrable explanation.  They sent out the scientific seekers in order to find out the real reasons for existence.  While the verdict was out in science, due to the lack of methods and data, we worked at making the world a more hospitable place.  We then fell into the trap of luxury and selfishness that we exist in today, where people feel it is more important to feel good than be good.  The change in perspective that comes at the end of this millenium is that physical comfort is not a goal in itself.  People begin to re-awaken to the fact that we don't know WHY we are here, and people will begin this search.

Third Insight

Science has been pointed at finding out concrete reasons for why things occur.  This is fine for a large range of phenomena, but it cannot ascertain more subtle phenomena as well.  Subtle phenomena respond to the action of observation in a way that one wills, and hence when one wants to be ultimately skeptical and disbelieve, all evidence will point in the direction of negation.  The basic substance of the universe is a kind of energy.  This energy makes up all other forms of matter and energy, and can be bent to the will and changed.  This subtle energy is the reason why the measurement of certain microscopic phenomena affects the phenomena; reality bends to the expected form that the observer wants to see.

Fourth Insight

Humans compete for the underlying energy.  Most people feel insecure and low energy most of the time and seek to increase it by sapping it from other people.  This struggle goes on in most interactions and during a confrontation, one person will usually emerge the victor, having sucked in some of the vanquished's energy into himself.  This struggle underlies all human conflicts, even at the national level; wars are fought to increase the energy of the aggressor by taking it away from their target.

Fifth Insight

There is a source of the energy for which one does not have to compete and which will flow naturally to you when it is needed and cultivated.  This energy is strongest in certain power areas which will fill one with energy almost for free.  These high energy places can lift you to a level you have not previously experienced in this life, and afterwards it can feel like coming down from a beautiful high to be dropped off in conventional reality.  This feeling is the post experience depression that does not need to last; a person can again reach their previously highest point of energy.  The dramatic breakthrough experience takes one to a new level that is now part of one's totality and which can be found again through practice.

Sixth Insight

There are various games that people play to draw power from others, and the favorite habitual game can be called their "control drama."  Using the control drama is like rewinding one's internal video tape back to a previous point of development and replaying a part of it.  Each control drama has a corresponding drama that either provides the actor with the energy he seeks.  Another possible response by the acted-upon is to play the same control drama as the original actor in an attempt to one-up that person and take his energy by the very means he is attempting.  To break a person's control drama, one must not play the corresponding or conflicting role; one must name the drama and refuse to participate in it in an appropriate way.  Some of the possible dramas are: the intimidator, who attempts to gain energy by scaring the opponent.  the interrogator, who attempts to gain energy by questioning the opponent and finding fault with them.  the aloof, who attempts to gain energy by being mysterious and unfathomable.  and the poor me, who attempts to gain energy by playing on one's compassion and pity.  the interrogator and the aloof are corresponding roles, as are the intimidator and the poor me.  The gateway to higher development is to own up to one's drama and then pass beyond it.  By seeing the control drama one uses habitually and the reasons for it that came from early life, one can gain insight into what one's true purpose on earth is meant to be.  One is an answer to a question posed by the life questions of one's parents; we exist to synthesize and synergize our parent's (usually) opposing viewpoints into a whole.

Seventh Insight

Dreams and daydreams often contain messages of relevance to our current lives.  By comparing the dream with our current life and finding the connections between the two, our perception of our lives can be sharpened and we can learn what the dream is intended to tell us.  When we receive negative dreams at first in this process, we should try to put them in a positive light and see what the dream might be telling us would be an improvement in our lives.  Later, the negative dreams can serve as portents of danger that we can use to avoid catastrophic results; when we start to see circumstances lining up as they did in the dream, we should avoid the conjunction that puts us in the bad situation described in the dream.  By keeping in touch with one's life questions, with the coincidences that happen, and with one's dreams, one is able to consciously evolve to a higher consciousness and level of being.

Eighth Insight

One's evolution can be blocked if one becomes addicted to another person for one's energy.  There are both male and female flavors or parts of the energy and we must develop both sides to become whole.  In many relationships, both partners are underdeveloped on one side and are using the other's side to compensate for the lack of their own.  Initially this works great because both partners feel whole.  Soon, however, one or both partners stops providing energy freely and starts to expect the energy from the other while not supplying their own side.  Conflicts develop over energy allotment and since neither person is whole, the relationship tears apart.  To help to avoid this problem, both sides of the energy psyche need to be developed, and it is easiest to do this well during childhood if both parents are freely providing their children with energy.  Children must be nurtured and given the explanations and the energy they need when they need it.  It is not cute to give children play answers because it damages their ability to see the world clearly and in addition causes them to feel subhuman instead of preparing them for a healthy adulthood where they are equals to their parents.  Breaking through the control drama is part of helping another to evolve past the point they're stuck at, and one can consciously feed them energy to help them to reach a level they have not before.  Groups can feed each other energy during their interaction to maximize the communication.

Ninth Insight

The point of all religions is to express the love and energy that help one to evolve and to serve as a vehicle towards higher evolution.  Religions fail when they think that their codified writings and beliefs sum up the whole universe and that they have the whole answer.  When humans begin to commonly understand these points and consciously evolve, the whole process speeds up exponentially.  When people reach a high enough vibratory state, they feel lighter and more spiritual.  Eventually they disappear from the view of those still vibrating at lower rates, but they themselves still perceive reality at this higher vibrational rate.  The gates of heaven themselves become open to these advanced individuals as they start to become more spiritual in nature than physical.

Thus resides one's interpretation of the...
The Celestine Prophecy.
There is a second volume in the Celestine Lineage, but it has yet to be synopsized by this Synopsicalist.

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